Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a contractor and / renovator. Do I get a discount off your pricing?

Yes, you can but certain restrictions and/or minimum purchase requirements may apply. Please contact a representative to find out more.

Who makes your cabinets?

We manufacture our own cabinets right on the same site as our showroom. We have been in business since 1977 and are completely Canadian Made!

Do you sell any other styles of cabinets then what you stock?

Yes we do! There are several other door styles and colors available, however they require 4-6 weeks for production and will have additional costs.

Why should I buy your cabinets?

1. We are 100% Canadian manufactured!
2. We provide quality, affordable & low maintenance cabinets that are easy to clean & will last for years.
3. Our cabinets come with adjustable shelves that are easy to change as you need to.

How can you offer such good prices?

Our simple showroom & on site building of cabinets keeps our prices low. As long as you can do it yourself, we can help keep your costs low & save money!

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